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Liaoning Province Overview
Liaoning Province, abbreviated as Liao in Chinese, is located in the south of Northeast China, facing the Yellow Sea and Bo Sea on the south. It covers an area of over 150,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 41.89 million. The capital city of Liaoning Province is Shenyang.

Liaoning Province Geography: The central part of Liaoning province lies the Liaohe Plain, whose east and west sides are mountains and hills, like Mountain Qian Shan, Mt. Longgang Shan, Mt. Nulu'er Shan, Mt. Song Ling, and Mt. Yiwulv Shan. Liaodong peninsula has over 500 islands distributed along its coastline. Major rivers in this province are Liao River, Yalu River, Daling River, Xiaoling River, Hun River, Taizi River and Raoyang River.

Liaoning Province Climate: Liaoning province enjoys north temperate semi-humid and moist continental monsoon climate, characterized with distinctive seasonal difference. With an annual rainfall of 500 ~ 1,000 mm, the average annual temperature is between -6~ 11 ℃, and -15 ~ -5 ℃ in January and around 24 ℃ in July.

Liaoning Province Agriculture: Liaoning is a major production region of cotton and peanuts in norteast China and the agriculture in this province is quite well developed. Liaoning Gulf and Hiayang Island are two major fisheries. The output of prawn producced here leads in China.

Liaoning Province Industry: Liaoning province is a major industrial base in China. Petro-chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics and machinery building material production are pillar industries in this province. Shenyang, is known as one of China's four centers of machine building industry.

Tourist Resources of Liaoning Province: Liaoning has rich beautiful natural scenery as well as historical and cultural relics. This province has scenic moutains, like Mt. Qianshan, Mt. Laotudingzi, Mt. Yiwulv, Mt. Laotie and Mt. Jinniu; has numerous islands, like Shedao Island, Bangchui Island; has comforting beaches, like Xingcheng beach, Jinshi Beach National Holiday resort, Tiger Beach etc. Liaoning also has historical sites of war field of Sino-Japan and Japan-Russia Wars, Shenyang Imperial palace, tombs of Qing dynasty etc.

Liaoning Province Map


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