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Heilongjiang Province Overview

Heilongjiang Province, abbreviated as Hei in Chinese, is located along the northeast border of China. It covers an area of over 460,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 37.68 million. The capital city of Heilongjiang Province is Harbin.

Heilongjiang Province Geography: This province is high in the northwest and low in the souhteast and mountains cover 50% of its area. Major mountains in Heilongjiang are Mount Emur Shan, Mount Yilehuli, Mount Changbai Shan and Mount Xiao Hinggan Ling. Major rivers are Heilong Jiang River, Nen Jiang River, Songhua Jiang River and Wusuli Jiang River.

Heilongjiang Province Climate: Heilongjiang enjoys mild and cold temperate semi-humid continental climate. Summer is short and rainy, while winter is long and cold. With an annual rainfall of 400 ~ 700mm, the average annual temperature is between -2 ~ 3 ℃, and -30 ~ -18℃ in January and 18 ~ 22℃ in July.

Heilongjiang Province Agriculture: Heilongjiang is ranked No. 1 for outputing and imputing volume of soybean in China and it is a major base of commodity grain and liverstock.

Heilongjiang Province Industry: Heilongjiang is an important industrial base of China. Daqing Oilfield here is one of those supereme oilfields in the world.

Tourist Resources of Heilongjiang Province: Heilongjiang has rich tourist resources due to its extraordinary geographical feature and climate conditions. Harbin, Yabuli and Hailin are famous for snow activities. Jingpo Lake is the largest alpine barrier lake in China. Zhalong Nature Reserve is the 'homeland of red-crown cranes'. Wudalianchi Lake Scenic Area is also a famous nature reserve in China. Besides natural wonders, there are also cultural relics, like the Site of Longquan and the Upper Capital of Bohai Kingdom.

Heilongjiang Maps

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