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Qinghai Province Overview
Qinghai Province, abbreviated as Qing in Chinese, is located in the Northwest China, on the northeast part of Qingzhang Plateau. It covers an area of over 720,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 5.04 million. The capital city of Qinghai is Xining.

Qinghai Province Geography: Qinghai's terrain is framed by Mt. Qilian Shan in the north, Mt. Tanggula Shan in the south and Mt. Kunlun Shan in the middle and basins distribute among these mountain ranges. Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang River, China's three major rivers all start in Qinghai province. There are numerous lakes in Qinghai, including the largest inland salt lake, Qinghai Lake.

Qinghai Province Climate: Qinghai enjoys typical continental highland climate, characterized with sharp changes in daily temperature. Summer is short and dry, while winter is long and cold. With an annual rainfall between 50 ~ 400 mm, the average annual temperature is between -5 ~ 8 ℃, and -18 ~ -7 ℃ in January and 5 ~ 21 ℃ in July.

Qinghai Province Agriculture: Qinghai is one of the four major pastures in China, and it raises diversified stockes, like sheep, goat, yak, horse, cow, donkey and camel. This province one of the major production base of wool.

Qinghai Province Industry: Industry in Qinghai mainly consist of metallurgy, oil exploitation and refinement, power enginerring, building materials production, textile, leather processing and salt industry.

Tourist Resources of Qinghai Province: Qinghai has rich tourism resources not only because of its unique highland scenery, but also of its colorful local customs. It has Kumbum Monastery, the birthplace of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa Sect, the Dongguan Mosque, the Salt Bridge, Temple of Princess Wencheng etc.

Qinghai Map


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