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Shanxi Province Overview
Shanxi Province, abbreviated as Jin in Chinese, is located in north China, west to Taihang Mountains. It covers an area of over 160,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 32.94 million. The capital city of Shanxi Province is Taiyuan.

Shanxi Province Geography: Terrain of Shanxi province descends from east and west sides to the middle, where Jinzhong Basin lies. Major rivers are Fen River, Qing River, Sushui River, Sanggan River, Hutuo River and Qingzhang River.

Shanxi Province Climate: Shanxi province enjoys temperate semi-humid and semi-arid continental monsoon climate, characterized with distinctive seasonal difference: hot, rainy summers; cold, dry winters; windy springs and short autumns. With an annual rainfall of 400 ~ 600 mm, the average annual temperature is between 4 ~ 14 ℃, and -16 ~ 2 ℃ in January and 19 ~ 28 ℃ in July.

Shanxi Province Agriculture: Shanxi is a traditional agricultural region. Wheat and cotton are mainly planted south to Yanmen Pass, and millet, barley and beet are planted in the north. Animal husbandry is mainly developed on northwest highland.

Shanxi Province Industry: Shanxi province is known as the land of coal in China and it has very well deveoped in coal industry. Taiyuan, its capital city, is a well-known production base of alloy steel, heavy machine and coal chemicals.

Tourist Resources of Shanxi Province: Shanxi has rich historical and cultural relics: Mt. Wutai, one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China; Mt. Heng Shan, one the of five sacred mountains in China; Hukou Waterfall, the second largest one in China. Shanxi province also has Yungang Caves; Pingyao ancient city, Jinci Temple, Yongle Temple and the wooden pogado in Yingxian County.

Shanxi Map


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