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Macao/Macau Overview
Macau Special Administrative Region, abbreviated as Ao in Chinese, is located to the west of Zhu Jiang River Estuary. Covering a land area of over 27.3 square kilometers, Macau is composed of Macau Peninsula and the islands of Taipa and Coloane. Macao has a population of 488 thousand. The SAR government is stationed on Macau Peninsula.

Macao/Macau Geography: Most part of Macau peninsula is composed of flat land and low hills. There are many natural deep gulfs around Macau.

Macao/Macau Climate: Macau enjoys subtropical marine monsoon climate, characterized with frequent typhoons. With an annual rainfall of 2,000 mm, the average annual temperature is around 22 ℃, and 14.5 ℃ in January and 29 ℃ in July.

Macao/Macau Economy: Being called the 'Far East Monte Carlo', Macao is widely known for its gambling industry. Tourism is the pillar of it economy. Today, Macao's economy mainly consists of gambling, export-oriented processing, finance and real estate.

Tourist Resources of Macao/Macau: Being one of the centers of exchange between east and west, Macao has rich cultural relics: historic center of Macau, the ruins of St. Paul's Catholic Church, the Leal Senado Building, Na Tcha Temple, Casa Garden and A Ma Temple.

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