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Shaanxi Province Overview
Shaanxi Province, abbreviated as Shaan in Chinese, is located along the middle reaches of Yellow River, with Huangtu Plateau on the north. It covers an area of over 190,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 37.04 million. The capital city of Shaanxi is Xian.

Shaanxi Province Geography: Having Qin Ling Mountains and Mt. Daba Shan on the south and Huangtu Plateau on the north, the terrain of Shaanxi province decends from both sides to the middle, which is the location of Guangzhou Plain. Qin Ling mountains is the line dividing north and south in climate and the watershed between Yangtze River and Yellow River.

Shaanxi Province Climate: Shaanxi enjoys temperate semi-arid monsoon climate in the north; warm temperate semi-aird and sem-humid monsoon climate in the middle and subtropical humid monsoon climate in the south. North Shaanxi has distinctive seasonal difference with rainy summers and dry winters, while south part has plenty of rainfall. With an annual rainfall between 500 ~ 1,000 mm, the average annual temperature is between 9 ~ 16 ℃, and -11 ~ 3.5 ℃ in January and 21 ~ 28 ℃ in July.

Shaanxi Province Agriculture: Shaanxi province is a traditional agricultural place. Crops harvest once a year in north part of this province, thriple harvest in two years are practices in Guangzhong Plain and double harvest system in the south. Shaanxi not only raises most milk goats in China but also products first class strains of cow and donkey.

Shaanxi Province Industry: Shaanxi is a well developed province in west China and its industries mainly includes machinery, textile, space technology, pharmacy, energy, chemicals and food production.

Tourist Resources of Shaanxi Province: Shaanxi has numerous historical and cultural relics: the world famous Terracotta Warriors, regarded as a part of Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Chinese history, Qin Shi Huang Di, Dayan Pagoda (Big Wild Goose Pagoda) and Xiaoyan Pagoda built in Tang Dynasty, Mt. Huashan, one of the five sacred mountains in China, a legendary place known for its spectacular steepness, and Forest of Stone Steles, a treasure of Chinese calligraphy. Other attractions are Great Mosque and the Muslim Street, Mt. Lishan, Banpo Museum and etc.

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