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Gansu Province, abbreviated as Gan or Long in Chinese, is located in the northwest of China, along the upper reaches of Yellow River (Huang He). It covers an area of over 430,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 26.00 million. The capital city of Gansu Province is Lanzhou.

Gansu Province Geography: The average altitude of Gansu is above 1,000 meters and mountains and hills takes up most part of Gansu Province. Hexi Corridor also known as Gansu Corridor, which is an important part of Silk Road, lies between Mount Qilian Shand and Mount Bei Shan in Gansu Province. The south mountains are the continuation fo Qin Ling range. Major rivers in Gansu are Yellow River, Wei River, Tao River, Bailong River, Hei River and Shule River.

Gansu Province Climate: Gansu enjoys a typical temperate continental climate, characterized with frequent storms and sharp changes in temperature in summer and cold and dry winter. With an annual rainfall of 30 ~ 80mm, the average annual temperature is between -1 ~ 14 ℃, and -14 ~ 3 ℃ in January and 11 ~ 27℃ in July.

Gansu Province Agriculture: Major products in Gansu are wheat, corn, millet, broomcorn, highland barley and potatos. Fruits are mainly grown in Lanzhou area. The major pasturing area is Gannan.

Gansu Province Industry: Gansu has rich natural resources and it plays a very importatnt role in China's economy in producing oil, petrochemical, copper, aluminium, nickel, and etc.

Tourist Resources of Gansu Province: Being the place which used to connect China and western countries in ancient time, Gansu has rich cultural resources, like Mogao Caves, which is on the World Heritage list, Maiji Grottoes, Labuleng Monastery and Jiayuguan Pass.

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