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Guizhou Province, abbreviated as Gui in Chinese, is located on the east of Yungui Plateau, southwest of China. It covers an area of over 180,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 38.68 million. The capital city of Guizhou Province is Guiyang.

Guizhou Province Geography: The terrain of Guizhou Province gradually decents from west to east and 90% of it is mountains and hills, of which 70% are karst topography. Major mountains in Guizhou Province are Mount Dalou Shan, Mount Wumeng Shand and Mount Miao Ling. Major rivers are Wu River, Chishui River, Qingshui River, Hongdu River, Nanpan River, Beipan River and Duliu River.

Guizhou Province Climate: Guizhou is ruled by a subtropical highland humid monsoon climate, characterized with abundant rainful and blurry seasonal difference. With an annual rainfall of 1,100 ~ 1,400mm, the average annual temperature is between 10 ~ 20℃, and 3 ~ 6 ℃ in January and 22 ~ 26℃ in July.

Guizhou Province Agriculture: Major grain crops in Guizhou Province are rice, corn, wheat and patatoes and major industrial crops are tobaccos, rapes, ramees adn beets. Tobacco and tussah products produced in this province are well-known in China.

Guizhou Province Industry: Guizhou is a production base in Southwest China of energy, machinery, raw materials and defence industry. Metallurgy, chemical fertilizer production and power stations are also developed in Guizhou. The alcohol and tobacco producing are important light industries in this area. Maotai, called national liquor of China, is produced in this area.

Tourist Resources of Guizhou Province: Guizhou is famous for its Karst physiognomy and its rich revolutionary relics. Guizhou has the largest waterfull in China, Huangguoshu Waterfall. Dragon Plalace, near the waterfull, is a famous karst cave. Another cave in the area, Zhijin Cave exhibits almost all forms of karst caves found in the world. A subtropical ecosystem is well preserved at Mount Fanjing National Nature Reserve, which is included in the UNESCO's World Networkd of Biosphere Reserves.

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