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Shandong Province Overview
Shandong Province, abbreviated as Lu in Chinese, is located on the north of the coast line of China, along the lower reaches of Yellow River, bordering on Yellow Sea and East China Sea. It covers an area of over 160,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 92.12 million. The capital city of Shandong Province is Jinan.

Shandong Province Geography: Terrain of Shandong province descends from middle to the outside circle. It has Mt. Tai Shan Mt. Lu Shan Mt. Meng shan and Mt. Qi Shan in the middle, Huabei Plain on the northwest and Shandong Peninsula on the east. There are many rivers in this province, most of which are branches of Yellow River. Major lakes are Nanyang Lake, Dushan Lake, Shaoyang Lake and Weishan Lake.

Shandong Province Climate: Shandong province enjoys warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate, characterized with distinctive seasonal difference. With an annual rainfall of 550 ~ 950 mm, the average annual temperature is between 11 ~ 14 ℃, and -5 ~ 1 ℃ in January and 24 ~ 28 ℃ in July.

Shandong Province Agriculture: Shandong is a major agricultural province and its grain output ranks othe second in China, and its outputs of vegetables, fruits, meat and aquatic products all lead in China.

Shandong Province Industry: Shandong is a well-developed province in industry and it is most advanced in the production of energy and raw materials.

Tourist Resources of Shandong Province: Shandong has beautiful natural scenery and rich historical and cultural relics. It has the No. 1 of the Five Sacred Mountains in China, Mt. Tai Shan. It also has Daming Lake, Confucius's Temple, Penglai Pavilion etc.

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