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Inner Mongolia Province Overview
Inner Mongolia, abbreviated as Nei Mongol in Chinese, locates on the north border of China. It covers an area of over 1.1 million square kilometers, and has a population of 23.52 million. The capital city of Inner Mongolia Province is Hohhot.

Inner Mongolia Province Geography: With the Da Hinggan Mountains, Yin Shan Mountain, and Mount. Helan Shan stretchalong its border, Inner Mongolia is above 1,000 meters in elevation. It has extensive grassland on the east, while most part in the west is occupied by deserts. Very few rivers are found in this region other than the Yellow River, except those seasonal inland rivers, while it has numerous lakes, like Hulun Nur, Buir Nur, Ulanshai Nur and Dalai Nur.

Inner Mongolia Province Climate: Inner Mongolia is ruled by the arid and semi-aird continental climate, characterized with distinctive differences between summer and winter, as well as between different places. With an annual rainfall of 50 ~ 450 mm, the average annual temperature is between -1 ~ 10 ℃, and -26 ~ -10 ℃ in January and 18 ~ 24 ℃ in July.

Inner Mongolia Province Agriculture: The agricultural development is greatly different in Inner Mongolia because of the narrow and long area it occupies, with farming in the south and pasturing in the north.

Inner Mongolia Province Industry: Inner Mongolia is a major production base of coal and steel in China. It has four of the major opoen cut coal miners. Coalmining, power engineering, metallurgy, machinery, forest and livestock products processing are main industries here.

Tourist Resources of Inner Mongolia Province: What attracts people most in Inner Mongolia is its splendid pasture scenery and unique ethnic culture. Inner Mongolia has Xiritala Grassland Scenic Area, Xilamuren Grassland Area, Da Hinggan Ling Mountains, Hulun Nur Lake as its natural beauties and tomb of Genghis Khan, tomb of Princess Wang Zhaojun, Wudangzhao, Five Pagoda Monastery, Dazhao Monastery and etc. as its cutural relics.

Inner Mongolia Map


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