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Hubei Province Overview

Hubei Province, abbreviated as E in Chinese, lies on the north bank of Dongting Lake, along Yangtze River (Chang Jiang). It covers an area of over 180,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 60.01 million. The capital city of Hubei Province is Wuhan.

Hubei Province Geography: The terrain of Hubei Province slopes from west to east. Major mountains in Hubei are Mount Wu Shan, Mt. Daba Shan, Mt. Wudang Shan, Mt. Jing Shan, Mt. Dahong Shan, Mt. Tongbai Shan and Mount Dabie Shan. Major rivers are Yangtze River and its largest branches Han River. There are also many lakes in this province.

Hubei Province Climate: Hubei enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, characterized with adequate sunshine, plenty of rainfall and hot and rainy summers. Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei, is known one of the three notorious 'ovens' in China. With an annual rainfall of 750 ~ 1,600mm, the average annual temperature is between 13 ~ 18 ℃, and 1 ~ 6℃ in January and 24 ~ 30 ℃ in July.

Hubei Province Agriculture: Hubei is an important production base of grain, oil, cotton, poultry, pig and aquatic products. Jianghan Plain, where Hubei lies, is the renowned production area of rice, wheat, cotton, sesame and ramee. The Three Gorges area of Yangtze River is the major breeding area of freshwater fish in China.

Hubei Province Industry: Hubei leads the industury in the productions of steel, automobile, textile, pesticide and etc, and its industrial centers are the cities of Wuhan, Huangshi and Shiyan.

Tourist Resources of Hubei Province: Hubei is rich in beautiful natural scenery, like the Yangtze River, Mt. Jiugong, Shennongjia. Hubei Province also has abundant cultural sites, like Mout. Wudong, the famous sacred place of Taoists, Xian Ling Tomb, Quyuan's hometown, Yellow Crane Tower and Chibi.

Hubei Province Map


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