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Jilin Province Overview
Jiangsu Province, abbreviated as Ji in Chinese, is located in the central part of Northeast China. It covers an area of over 180,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 26.69 million. The capital city of Jilin Province is Changchun.

Jilin Province Geography: Mountains and hills are mainly standing in the northwest of Jilin, which is also the low part of the province, while the southeast part is the high part. There are many rivers in Jilin Provine, like Songhua River, Yalu River, Tumen River, Mudan River, and etc. There are many lakes too, among which, Dabs Nur Lake and Qagan Nur Lake are two major ones.

Jilin Province Climate: Jilin province enjoys north temperate semi-humid and semi-arid continental monsoon climate, characterized with distinctive seasonal difference. Jilin usually has long and cold winters and short and warm summers. With an annual rainfall of 400 ~ 800 mm, the average annual temperature is between -3~ 7 ℃, and around -18 ℃ in January and between 20 ~ 23 ℃ in July.

Jilin Province Agriculture: Jilin is a major production base of commodity grain and soybean in China. Baicheng, a major pasture in the province, mainly has Sheep and cow raised.

Jilin Province Industry: Jilin is known to be the power supply hub in Northeast China and its industries mainly includes auto manufacturing, petro-chemical industry, power generation, forest machinery production, paper making, textile and pharmarcy.

Tourist Resources of Jilin Province: Jilin is rich in tourist resouces both in natuaral scenery and cultural relics. Mountains and lakes bring this province too many beautiful scenes in different times. Jilin also has exhibition hall of 'Manchuguo', the Japaness imperialism puppet state, Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom, the ancient city of Huanglong Fu and the pogoda of Liao Dynasty.

Jilin Province Map


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