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Guangdong Province, abbreviated as Yue in Chinese, is located on the coast of South China sea, facing Hong Kong and Macau. It covers an area of over 180,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 79.00 million. The capital city of Guangdong Province is Guangzhou.

Guangdong Province Geography: The terrain of Guagndong Province gradually decends from north to south, intersected by several basins. Major mountains in Guangdong are Mount Nan Ling, Mount Yunwu Shan, Mount Jiulian Shan and Mount Lianhua Shan. Major rivers are Zhu River, which is the third longest river in China, Han River, Moyang River and Jian River.

Guangdong Province Climate: Most part of Guangdong enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate, characterized with prolonged summers and worm winters. With an annual rainfall of 1,400 ~ 2,000mm, the average annual temperature is above 19℃, and 8 ~ 16 ℃ in January and 27 ~ 29℃ in July.

Guangdong Province Agriculture: Guangdong is the largest rice producing base in China. Besides its main grain crops, rice, wheat and patatoes, it also produces peanut, beans, sugar canes, mulberrya nd hemps. Guangdong is also the largest region producing fruit, like lichee, banana, orange, pineapple, longan and papaya.

Guangdong Province Industry: Light industry plays a very importatnt role in Guangdong's industry, and it is supplemented by machinery, power industry, shipbuilding industries and chemical industry etc. Guangdong province leads China's industry in productions of computer components electronics, clothes and plastics.

Tourist Resources of Guangdong Province: Guangdong has beautiful natural scenery, like Xinhu Lake and Mount Dinghu in Zhaoiqng, Mount Danxia, Mount Xiqiao, Mount Yuexiu. This province also has rich cultural relics, like ancient gardens. Qinghaui Garden, Yuyin Shanfang, Keyuan Garden and Liangyuan Garden are the most famous four gardens in Guangdong province. In Shenzhen, there are famous sites too, like Splendid China, the Chinese folk culture village. Guangdong also has Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall. Guangdong cuisine is one of the eight most famous cuisines in China.

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