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Ningxia Province Overview
Ningxia Hui Automomous Region, abbreviated as Ning in Chinese, is located in the Northwest China, along the upper and middle reaches of Yellow River. It covers an area of over 66,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 5.89 million. The capital city of Ningxia is Yinchuan.

Ningxia Province Geography: Ningxia's terrain descends from south to north broken by two mountains, Mt. Helan Shan and Mt. Niushou Shan on the northwest. Plateau and mountains take up 3/4 of Ningxia region, which makes its average altitude above 1,000 meters. Yellow River runs through the north part of this region and is devided into several branches.

Ningxia Province Climate: Ningxia enjoys temperate semi-humid and semi-arid continental climate, characterized with very few rainfall and strong frequent winds with sands. With an annual rainfall of 200 ~ 600 mm, which varies greatly in different years, the average annual temperature is between 5~ 10 ℃, and -10 ~ -7 ℃ in January and 17~ 24 ℃ in July.

Ningxia Province Agriculture: Ningxia is one of the production bases of commodity grain in China. Sheep is the chief stock for animal husbandry and this region is a major China's production base of sheep skin, dairy cow and meat cow.

Ningxia Province Industry: Ningxia has developed a relatively complete industrial system, composing agricultural byproducts processing, petro-chemical industry, machinery, matallurgy, pharmacy and building material production.

Tourist Resources of Ningxia Province: Ningxia has rich tourism resources because of its rich heritage combining the cultures of Western Xia Dynasty, the migrants, the boundary areas and Islam. It has the King's Mausoleums of Western Xia Dynasty, the Pagoda 108, Mt. Xumi Grottoes, the Sand Lake, Nanguan Mosque, Gaomiao Temple, Western China Film City, and remains of Great Wall.

Ningxia Map


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