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There are quite many rivers in China. Over 1500 rivers can cover an area of 1000 square kilometers. Exterior rivers cover about 64% of China land, among which Chang Jiang, Huang He, Heilong Jiang, Zhu Jiang, Liao He, Hai He and Hai He flow east to the Pacific Ocean; Yarlung Zangbo Jiang runs east then south till reaches the Indian Ocean; the Ertix He in Xinjiang run north to the Arctic Ocean.

Chang Jiang is 6300 kilometers long, the longest river in China, also call 'Golden Chanal' because of its import function in tranportation. The middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River is very well developed area in Industry and Agriculture.

Huang He, the second important one, is called 'Mother River' in China. It is beleived to be the cradle of China's Civilization.

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